Engstrand Solar & Renewable Supplies

St. Georges Market, East Bridge St, Belfast, BT1 3NQ
United Kingdom
P: 028 9023 8320
Focus: Carbon Credits, solar education, renewables education, wind farms, solar panels, watch collecting, watch collection, clock collecting, clock collection, greens, climate change, reversing climate change, couteracting global warming, Sun Over Land And Rain, Give Solar power the green light, give solar energy the green light, give renewable energy the green light,
Additional: Engstrand and Sun, save money, save energy and save the environment. With our range of solar and renewable products, you will save money on batteries which will pay for the torch, lanterns, and also solar and renewable energy, is fun, extremely enjoyable and essential in this modern world. It is your Earth. If you are stuck for a gift idea, and tired of giving the same thing, why not give a bright idea, and be the one to start a chain reaction. Reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions, prevention is better than cure. By using solar and windup torches, lamps, lanterns, radios, and other wind up and solar equipment, you are reducing the amount of batteries that need to be produced, then there are less batteries that need recycled, then Carbon Dioxide is prevented from getting into the atmosphere. Buying using solar and renewable energy, you can build up your own carbon credits, and you will be absolutely amazed what they will ad up to. Do onto the Earth as you would have it do onto you. For our energy needs, convert from mining to manufacturing. If you are stuck for gift ideas, give friends and family that extra special gift, and be the one to start a chain reaction. Be proud to be green and show it of. For projects and teaching needs, we provide a range of equipment. I f you have an interest in collecting watches and clocks, why not collect watches and clocks that are powered and changed by the sun, and bring that ambiance into your very own special collection. Keep up with the greens, the oil is running out. By reducing dependancy on oil that is beneficial to the Earth, and if world war four will be fought over water, why not start using it and other renewable supplies to generate power. The green chain reaction is stopping carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere, then encouraging other to do the same, who encourage others, then by using solar and renewable energy, climate change is then being reversed. Start a green chain reaction. Now is the time to give solar and renewable energy the green light, and you have the power to do that, and in every way large or small, you will help to reverse climate change, and preserve wildlife.
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